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Avatar Holiday Wishlist

the act of giving transcends all nations

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internet gift exchange for Avatar fans
Welcome to the 2008 ATLA Wishlist! The rules are simple, give, give, give! Alright, maybe a little more complex than that.

-Make a wishlist of 5-10 items. Items must be Avatar-related and INTERNET ONLY (ie fanfic, icons, amv, wallpaper, etc.). No physical requests can be honored due to time, privacy, and general chaos. Sorry!

-Start browsing the wishlists of other members and try to grant some of their wishes. Even if you've never done a fanart or an icon, give it a try! Now is the time to start expanding your horizons! Be sure to check back often to see what new wishlists have turned up.

-Post your wishlist gifts Dec. 21-Jan. 1 and see if any of your wishes have been granted!