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A little Leitara fluff for Luckeh....

Here it is Luckeh.....I hope you like it! My gift to you for all the great Zutara stuff you've done over the years. It is a little short but I have very little free time and really did want to do something....So....enjoy!


Wish number 3Collapse ) Kinda got a Christmas-y theme going on ...I thought I keep with the Chirstmas spirit!


Okay, so many of you (with better senses of time than me) have already kicked off the 2009 giving! HOORAY! Just a few quick reminders:

-Don't forget to put each gift in a separate entry behind an LJ cut with the recipient's name in the subject line.
-When you receive a gift entry, don't forget to leave a comment saying thanks! 
-You can still post wishlists on the official 2009 wishlist thread until Friday, Dec. 25! 
-The official gift-giving will go on for the rest of the year. If for some reason you would like to post a gift after Jan. 1 (I think I gave one at around March of last year :-P), I recommend posting a reply to the recipient's wishlist to notify them that they have a gift!

I'd like to take this time to thank everybody for participating! I'm so full of holiday spirit I'm going to tearbend!


Welcome to the 2009 edition of ATLA Wishlist! The rules are simple, give, give, give! Okay, maybe a little more complex than that.

-Reply to this entry with a wishlist of 5-10 items. Items must be Avatar-related and INTERNET ONLY (ie fanfic, icons, amv, wallpaper, etc.). No physical requests can be honored due to time, privacy, and general chaos. Sorry!

-Wishlists can be posted anytime until Christmas day, Dec. 25th, but please note that the later your wishlist appears, the less time people will have to accomodate.

-Obviously this is more about giving than receiving, so please try to make reasonable requests and respect each other's wishlists.

-There is no guarantee that all (or any) of your wishes will be granted. I encourage everyone to try to grant as many wishes as possible and give in to the charitable spirit of the season.

-Start browsing the wishlists of other members and try to grant some of their wishes. Even if you've never done a fanart or an icon, give it a try! Now is the time to start expanding your horizons! Be sure to check back often to see what new wishlists have turned up.

-Invite your fellow Avatar fans from other communities! The more the merrier!

-Post your wishlist gifts Dec. 21-Jan. 1 (with the recipient's name in the subject line and behind an lj cut please! The internet equivelant of giftwrap!) and see if any of your wishes have been granted!

I will be posting small reminders before all deadlines! I wish everyone welcome, good luck, and happy wishing!

for gargoylekitty

 I'm sorry it's late but my computer got a virus and I couldn't upload anything. Forgive me?


for savingdaisydiva

I know it's  and I'm  very sorry but my computer got a nasty virus and I couldn't upload anything for ages;_;.